AbangerNalysis May 23-27


I’m looking at a possible bullish euryen in coming weeks, or this week if this goes above
this week’s friday’s trading close. In weekly, it shows an oversold MACD, but we cn see how the prices are keeping it at its 121.74 support line.

In Hourly though, prices have been wandering between 124.13 and 123.03. If there is no significant  factor this week for a breakout, we can see prices approaching its current h1 support. h1 MACD is bearish and RSI level is at 49.





as of the pound, i would appreciate if you could share any news of what happened last week that made the pound fly high to atleast 300pips. Well, Weekly I am already bullish with pound, and a good buying position above the friday’s close will do half the job. However, there are few pound pairs with oversold MACD
and more room for bullish positions (with reservations though, see your respective support and resistances) With this, I mean GBPCAD, GBPJPY and GBPNZD.

Although you can position sell on lower tf as it is having a quiet exhausted buying set-up, I am still looking at a possible reversal in 1.9333 on weekly TF, so that is roughly 30-35 pips from our current closing prices if you go long  on it. Weve got a bullish MACD in there and the RSI is at 46 level approaching 50s-70s. Next resistances will be 1.9837 and 2.0754, while we had a strong support at 1.8151.



As of this pair, I’m still bullish on it on higher timeframe like daily and weekly,
with resistances in 1.0086 and 1.0278. However, we cant discount how this pair
is having lower highs and lower lows lately.

I’ve got a bearish MACD in h4, and as we can see, it already touched Daily channel
s resistance line. If you can see its prices below Friday’s close with significant
bearish set-up, then maybe you can give it a shot.

abanger 03


Disclaimer : This is not a RECO to BUY or SELL.  No Absolute absolutes. Trade at your own RISK. Currency and Equity trading carries high level of risk, please see your financial advisor first before entering the market.


AbangerNalysis April4-8

Its been a pretty busy months for me. Thanks for bearing with me, and updating me with some of your trades. I just noticed now that USD is falling next to GBP, so yes we’ll be seeing a lot of GBP-ish, Brexit-ish game play with USDs. I never thought USD would fall as everyone feels null with Fed’s rate hike. Luckily it made the global market quite stable, relatively stable with oil bouncing back to $40s. Gold is still in its long term downtrend channel, any uptrend breakout would compliment our outlook for USD. Darn! just dont miss the game.



We could be seeing a bounce or a breakout with UCHF, as for me, my bias here is a downward breakout heading to three daily support prices at 0.947 , 0.928 and 0.914.



Although we r seeing a bullish MACD in Daily Prices,, GBP continuously fall as uncertainties of brexit still affects how the investor will see UK as it chooses to be independent from European Monetary Union. Big corporations can tolerate this big change , however this will greatly affect the smaller companies – from manufacturing / supplies to it employment status as a whole. Daily Support Prices at 1.837, 1.815 and 1.789.



Same thought. bearish MACD , RSI @ 32 (not yer oversold if you’re RSI is at 20, which others use preferrably). Daily Support prices at 2.009 and 1.94.


abanger 03

Tell us what u think about USDCAD? basically crossed below 200SMA but MACD’s and RSIs have been oversold now. Looking at daily support prices if it break below 1.287  – 1.24, 1.212 and 1.19.

P.S. If you’re a technician in stocks and forex, the master swagger Jared Odulio’s Soul of the Market is a must -see, must watch livestream. You can check his youtube channel for replays – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVdG51_xFxedBbu6hGaVyg


Disclaimer : This is not a RECO to BUY or SELL.  No Absolute absolutes. Trade at your own RISK. Currency and Equity trading carries high level of risk, please see your financial advisor first before entering the market.


AbangerNalysis Feb 8-12, 2016


Despite the huge fall in EURAUD because of ECB’s monetary statement, our outlook for the currency pair hasnt changed.We’re still bullish on it. It went up almost 500 pips this week from its last week’s friday’s close.
However we’ll be seeing a strong resistance between 1.605 and 1.656. H4 major supply area at 1.593 to 1.605.
We can see a strong rally till it hits its strong resistances and supply areas, and since its AUD , fluctuations may cost us a minimum movement of 50-100 pips. Greater risk for a greater reward currency trading. Please be guided accordingly.



We were looking at a possible rally to 194.76 since November 2015 at this pair, but fortunately it wasn’t able to overcome its weekly resistance at 186.9 – 189.5 Price declined 2280 pips in span of 3 months hitting its new support at 163.9. We are still looking at a bearish GBPJPY despite BOJ’s recent negative interest rate announcement. However, GBPJPY have recorded a major daily supply zone at 167 – 164. Hourly prices are below Ichimoku clouds and 200SMA, and RSI is at 38 level.



A weak currency against a newly weak currency. We were seeing a relatively strong Yen this past few weeks until
its recent BOJ announcement, however AUD has been relatively weak especially this year as China’s economic slowdown
have been very imminent to every market, be it in currency, equities, bonds and commodities. As of this week, AUDJPY
finally resumed its bearish run as it went pass thru 85.90 – 85.39 giving us a total of 270 pips. Heading to its weekly support at 82.2 – 81.2 and 79.2. Prices are below ichimoku clouds and 200 SMA, weekly RSI level is at 41.


Disclaimer : This is not a RECO to BUY or SELL.  No Absolute absolutes. Trade at your own RISK. Currency and Equity trading carries high level of risk, please see your financial adviser first before entering the market.

The Stocks Market and Currency Trading


My thoughts as I become more engaged in Stocks Market and Currency Trading.

I think , no one gets to engage in stocks market as much as we do because of the nature of the job that we have.
And ,hmm I came to appreciate how conservative stocks look like in comparison to currency trading. That despite of the risks that one may incur in stocks, there is always this possibility to not lose it all until the company you bought – liquidated.

Its really amazing, but I cant say that stocks  is not challenging as the currency trading. In fact, I find it more uncertain and sometimes I just dont know how close we are to getting affected by the buying and selling of those whose caps is bigger enough to move the price. You see, we dont really have that much problem in currency trading because no matter how many million pesos we trade, it is still at no par to international
banks and the Central Banks who are the major players of the market. So there is no really a chance that our position can affect currency prices.

Second, I dont think one can make it in stocks without knowing all the projects, the financial reports, the players of the company he bought. I agree that
one should really study the fundamentals of the company that you’re going to buy so that when it gets affected, lets say by the recent China Economic Slowdown and slumping of Oil Prices, you’re confident that it can survive atleast long enough till the market recovers, because it will. Meanwhile,there is just really nothing you can do as it goes down – that momentarily bearish market condition that we all have to endure.

I cannot discount technical analysis as well, because charts dont lie. In currency trading, we can make it or should I say a lot is making it without considering the economic factors of the currency pair they are trading. Says its evident in chart anyway. Well a lot of us, find it really hard to analyze the world market per se because its really complex,
and its like every central bank’s decision is set to affect every country in the world. But we get no weary , because not like in local stocks market we can buy right away ,
and we sell right away as well – making this a very liquid market despite of whats happening in the world. Now, there is more room to take advantage and to earn well.

I’m having more realizations though as I approach another month as an institutional trader. And I apparently did the right decision in getting into stocks trading
because there is so much that you can learn here. In currency trading, we cant have that luxury to access big bank’s traders unless we’re one of the biggest corporation or we’re really darn good enough to melt their asses off with profits. But in stocks, everyone who stayed longer- much longer than one can think of is right  at your neighborhood- well that is if you have same society though. Stocks market is really a mind game, it is not so rare that you ask yourself why do they do that and at the  end of the day it all comes down to who do best in beating someone else’s position in the market – because there will always be losers and champions. The people I get to deal with now got 20-40 years experience in the market, its really cool, its like having mentors everywhere who have endured so many bear and bull markets and who can take care of their clients like its really their moral obligation to make an informed market decision, because you are wearing your license, your brokerage’ name and the Philippine Stocks Market.

So this is my 2 cents as  a trader. :)) Looking forward to share with you my thoughts in coming weeks. Wishing us a greeny PSE next week since it is said that we are leaving the bearish territory now and that US stocks closed higher last friday because of Japan’s Negative Interest Rate decision.  Caveat.

AbangerNalysis Jan 3, 2016

So ,Euro pairs closed bearish against its counterpairs this 2015.
Aside though from loonie (CAD) whose value is relative to current oil situation, we can see a continues fall in euro this week. Short term trading may vary as always. euraud
Prices in EurAud is heading south as it has already touched 38.2% of its weekly fibo level , with a bearish MACD and RSI level at 46.
In daily, Prices are below 200SMA and clouds, with bearish MACD and RSI level at 41. Looking for support levels at 1.48, 1.46, 1.45, and 1.44 respectively.
eurusd 1.4.16
Prices are still ranging weekly between 1.142 and 1.052 with a bullish MACD and RSI at 45.
In Daily, we are looking at it ranging between 1.102 and 1.08 with Bearish MACD and RSI level
at 46. Next support would be 1.07, 1.06 and 1.055. Prices are below 200SMA but within the clouds.

gbpcad 1.4.16

Price is heading to its 2.03 – 2.00 daily ranging prices.With Bearish MACD and RSI level at 42, I am looking for possible support at 2.03, 2.01 , 2.00 and 1.986 (if it passes through the clouds and 200SMA).
Disclaimer : No Absolute absolutes. Trade at your own RISK. Currency and Equity trading carries high level of risk, please see your financial adviser first before entering the market.


Centimento sa EURO

Draghi overwhelmed us with its effort to boost its monetary policy
by extending easing program to another 6 months, and depo rate cut of -0.30% . However, as you can see currencies are consolidating again, hence waiting for a big move to either continue the bearish rally or to start being bullish in EURO.

This move gave us a rally of 400-600 pips last thursday in all of its cross pairs. This however does not change
the over-all sentiment that we are still bearish on EU, as we approach the announcement of most anticipated interest hike. Brace yourselves as many are positive that Fed will eventually give the public what is has been waiting for such a long time. With a good employment data last friday, this might
be a strong indicator that Yellen will finally give us her , YES. ( Oo na, tataasan ko na ang interest rate).

The market opened today with a friday’s price range of 1.0954 – 1.0837 in EURUSD. As of we speak , price broke its H1 friday’s support line and is now heading south. We still got a bearish MACD in W1 with RSI level of 43.74, and a bearish MACD in H4 with RSI level of 56. If it would indeed resume its bearish position, it would find its support on 1.0837 , 1.0754 and 1.0700 before going down to its pre-ECB monetary policy price – 1.0527.



Disclaimer : No Absolute absolutes. Trade at your own RISK. Currency and Equity trading carries high level of risk, please see your financial adviser first before entering the market. If you have finally decided to get in, and wish to have expert advice from this market, Forex Crib will be glad to direct you to the right people. See you.

Fed Interest Rates

Big analysts around the world were all equally surprised at how central banks are playing their cards on their monetary policies. Before it was all about the rise and fall of their interest rates, now they have to be sensitive not just to other facets of their market (such as bonds or real estate in US), but also to its effect to reciprocal countries especially those emerging ones.

“It is no longer sufficient to publish forecasts of the policy rate as an indication of the central bank’s overall policy stance.”  – Paul Donovan, UBS Global Economist

So will the Fed raise interest rates now? This week’s US news are a lil bit rocky, though it ended with a good employment data. However, we got a very strong Euro now.

Is Fed together with the ECB willing to put other markets at risk by making themselves more conducive to investments? We’ve seen a not yet stable yuan, trying to get back to its feet,but we can also see the need for US to finally raise rates.

One local indication of its effect is having a bloody PSEi while anticipating for the raise.

It is said that though FED is going to raise rates it wont be as significant as expected, but as of now, nobody can tell what is still significant or not. People are reacting irrationally to the least viable news that they perceive helpful to their portfolio.

What matters is how you can take advantage of it, as everyone does- not later, not in the future, but now.

Market Outlook Nov. 23- 27, 2015



I might be having short term bullish signal on lower time frame when it opens next week. However, this week’s outlook is to short it till 1.44. Prices are past 61.8% in bullish fibo level, with bearish MACD and RSI at 42 level.

Prices fell past 200SMA and is still below clouds, with bearish MACD and RSI level at 21.



I’m relatively bullish with AUD. Though audchf prices are way below clouds and 200SMA, its Bullish MACD and RSI level at 58 indicates possible bullish run with a target price on its 50% bearish fibo level, at 0.75.


Prices are way above 200SMA and clouds,with bullish MACD and RSI at 78 level.



I’m bearish with GBP this week. Although prices are still above clouds and 200SMA and RSI at 53 , I’m looking at a possible sell to


Prices are within bearish clouds with RSI level at 48.
Please look for bearish signals on your own system before entry.


Disclaimer : No absolute Absolutes. Trade at your own risk.

Weekly Market Outlook Nov. 16-20 ,2015


I am looking for possible bullish run. Prices in W1
are above clouds and 200SMA, with near-bullish MACD Crossover and
RSI at 51 level. Also currently with an ascending triangle in D1, waiting to break a
strong resistance in 187-188 range. Long term TP at 195.


It finally touched its 50% fibo level in w1, with no established lower highs and lower lows
since its reversal in 1.66. Prices are still above the weekly clouds and 200SMA , but MACD is
strongly bearish and RSI is at 48 level.

Lower highs and Lower lows in D1 indicate its continuous bearish run , prices are now below clouds but still above 200SMA.
I’m looking for a possible sell, with a tp close to the 200SMA and 61.8% Fibo level, around 148-149 level.


It is still relatively strong bearish in w1,with prices still below clouds and 200SMA, and RSI at 42level.
However, Im looking for short term trading set-up between 0.48 – 0.46. Target Prices for bullish break above 0.48 are 0.486
and 0.50 . While a break below 0.46 could possibly reach its past lowest low at 0.445.


Disclaimer: No absolute Absolutes. Trade at your own Risk