AbangerNalysis Weekly Trading Set-up


I’m looking for possible buying position on lower time frame with
tp @ 0.95. but a break in 0.93 can lead to the next support at 0.924
then 0.916. price already touched 38.2% in W1, With bearish MACD and RSI at 45 level.


Prices are below 200sma and clouds. Prices are heading to 23.6% fibo level at 0.722
AUDCHF has currently has higher highs and higher lows in D1. Macd is currently bullish
and RSI is approaching 50 level. looking for possible buying opportunities.


currently indecisive, audgbp is ranging from 0.476 to 0.460. MACD is bullish ,RSI is at 42 level.
it could go up at its first resistance 0.476 then to its 23.6% fibo level at 0.487, or break its support and go lower
up to 0.447. See lower tf and correlate entry accordingly.


I’m having a higher high in W1, with bullish MACD but RSI is still at 44 level and prices stil below 200SMA. In D1, prices were still ranging between 87.6 and 85.8 with bullish MACD and RSI at 51 level.a break in the range and possible fundamental catalyst would bring the prices past
89.2 if bullish and 84.1 if on bearish.


with its current touch at 50% fibo level and drastic fall till the price held at 1.066. MACD is bearish and RSI is at 47 level ,W1. Prices also held in 200SMA in both H4 and D1
if it shows bearish momentum in the next few days my first support will be around 1.66, while if bullish – my first resistance will be at 1.09 then 1.105.

Disclaimer: No absolute absolutes. Trade at your own risk.


Weekly Market Outlook Nov. 2-6 2015

Disclaimer :  NO absolute absolutes. TRADE at your own risk.



with price ranging between 1.146 – 1.084
im looking for possible breakout on this and sell e/u till its first major support at
1.049. Prices are still below 200 sma, from h4 to w1, which is a strong bearish indication.
It also rebounded from 38.2% fibonacci level. RSI is currently at 43 level.


wtih level of short-term bullish bias, EJ is still way undecided if it goes bearish. However,
a touch in 61.8% and a lower low, with MACD bearish Crossover and RSI level of 41, would be indicative of a possible long term bearish position. However, EJ is already below the cloud but above still above the 200 SMA. I’m looking for a conservative sell with TP at 127.32.


with ongoing bearish positions in lower timeframe, EC has yet to establish its new lower high and lower lows in W1. It went through a strong resistance in 1.548 hence, pushing the price down up to it current level at 1.443 .It touched its 1st weekly support at 1.438, next support at 1.37, and 3rd at 1.32. Prices are still above the clouds and the 200SMA, however. EC currently has MACD bearish crossover and RSI level at 47. Looking for conservative sell with TP at 1.38.


Got both bearish and bullish take on this since the prices hasnt yet produced a strong lower lows and lower high from its reversal in 1.63. prices are still above the clouds and SMA. Bullish Fibo suggest that its still about
to touch 50% and 61.8% of its run with level of 1.5 to 1.47 before it would continously fall. however a negative employment came up, with all the bearish short-term positions , so im selling conservatively with tp at 1.516, its previous lower low.
Positive bearish MACD crossover, RSI at 49.

AbangerNalysis 10-9-15

Buy NzdJpy

TP : 81.16

Disclaimer : No absolute
absolutes. Trade at your
own risk

Buy AudUSd

TP : .7391

Disclaimer : No absolute
absolutes. Trade at your
own risk

Buy NzdCad

TP : .8706

Buy GbpUsd

TP : 1.5395
SP : CySp

Disclaimer : No absolute
absolutes. Trade at your
own risk



AbangerNalysis CadChf 9.30.15


Mostly cautious when trading CAD pairs because of its affinity to oil- related news, and  prices. However, technically been looking for possible bearish position in CAD after it fills the support zone in m15, h4 (0.7229 – 0.7206).

Sentiment: Bearish . H4. D1, W1.

TP 1 : 0.7128

TP 2 : 0.7038


Disclaimer : Target Prices may vary and is subject to different fundamental news- release effect. No absolute absolutes. Check your own top down analysis. Trade at your own risk.

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10. No Excuses, Ever!


Excuses by nature is our way of defending our actions. And no matter what our intention is,
if its beneficial to us, then it serves the purpose. But in forex, excuses is tantamount to
prolong agony to onself, and to our existing accounts. I myself got numerous excuses that I
find valid, but something is only valid if it is useful to you. Excuses are only valid if
its still making you profit.

Allow me to speak it in our language but “mabilis lang ang panahon”. The more we cling to
our excuses , the faster time flies. Think of this market, think of how it created an
advantageous haven for us. We dont need to take licensure exams to learn and earn. We
dont get to be affected by the bloodbath in different stocks market. We we’re served
with a relatively lucrative leverage and liquidity, we get the chance to trade the
prices that only the biggest banks used to trade. And the best of the deal, is that
we could be objective no matter how diverse our ways in trading are.

Its a decision we make, its complicated, its tough and it will entail a lot of
opportunity costs. But the price has its prize, we only pay what other are not
willing to so we get to be paid what the market will not going to pay them.
Life can be fair, tiwala lang dre.

Top 10 Trading Rules

Top 10 Trading Rules :

  1. Never let a winner turn into a loser.
  2. Logic wins; impulse kills
  3. Never risk more than 2% for your trade.
  4. Trigger fundamentally, enter and exit technically
  5. Always pair strong with weak
  6. Being right but being early is wrong.
  7. Know the difference between scaling in, and adding to a loser.
  8. What is mathematically optimal is psychologically impossible
  9. Risk can be predetermined but reward is unpredictable.

Referrence : High Probability Trading Setups (Kathy Lien, Boris Schlossberg)

AbangerNalysis NzdUsd 3/11/15


P.S. AUdUsd TP 1 Hit (The Letter Subscriber)



TP 1 : 0.7215

SL : Compute your own.

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US Session: Orders and Options Watch

 (by ForexAction)

EUR: The single currency ran into heavy offers at 1.1389 in European session and has retreated, bids at 1.1345-55 were filled but buy orders are still seen at 1.1320, 1.1295-00 and 1.1275-85 (stops below 1.1270), buying interest is tipped further out at 1.1240-50, 1.1225 and 1.1200. On the upside, offers are now noted at 1.1360, 1.1390-00 and 1.1425, sell orders are located at 1.1445-50 (stops above) and 1.1485, selling interest is expected at 1.1500 (stops above) and 1.1520-30.

GBP: The British pound also retreated after rising to 1.5539, bids at 1.5480-90 were filled but buy orders are still noted at 1.5450 and 1.5425, buying interest is located at 1.5400, 1.5375-80 and 1.5350, fresh demand should emerge around 1.5330-35 (stops below) and 1.5300. On the upside, offers are now seen at 1.5500 and 1.5540, sell orders are reported at 1.5550, 1.5580 and 1.5600, more selling interest is tipped at 1.5625-30 and 1.5650.

CHF: The greenback traded narrowly and further sideways trading is in store , offers are still noted at 0.9525-40 area, mixture of offers and stops is located at 0.9550-55. On the downside, bids remain at 0.9465, 0.9450 and 0.9430, buy orders are tipped at 0.9400 and in good size at 0.9370-75 (stops below), more buying interest is expected at 0.9350, 0.9315-20 and 0.9285-95 (stops below), fresh demand should emerge around 0.9250-60.

JPY: Dollar recovered after falling to 118.63 earlier today, offers at 119.00 were filled but sell orders are still seen at 119.20 and 119.35, more selling interest is reported at 119.50, 119.80 and 120.00, mixture of offers and stops is tipped at 120.25-30. On the downside, bids remain at 118.60-65, 118.40 and 118.20 (sizeable stops below), more buying interest is tipped at 118.00, 117.85 and 117.60.

AbangerNalysis 2/26/15 UsdJpy

*****Previous AbangerNalysis TP Hit****

TP : 119.73

SL : Compute your own SL

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