AbangerNalysis May 23-27


I’m looking at a possible bullish euryen in coming weeks, or this week if this goes above
this week’s friday’s trading close. In weekly, it shows an oversold MACD, but we cn see how the prices are keeping it at its 121.74 support line.

In Hourly though, prices have been wandering between 124.13 and 123.03. If there is no significant  factor this week for a breakout, we can see prices approaching its current h1 support. h1 MACD is bearish and RSI level is at 49.





as of the pound, i would appreciate if you could share any news of what happened last week that made the pound fly high to atleast 300pips. Well, Weekly I am already bullish with pound, and a good buying position above the friday’s close will do half the job. However, there are few pound pairs with oversold MACD
and more room for bullish positions (with reservations though, see your respective support and resistances) With this, I mean GBPCAD, GBPJPY and GBPNZD.

Although you can position sell on lower tf as it is having a quiet exhausted buying set-up, I am still looking at a possible reversal in 1.9333 on weekly TF, so that is roughly 30-35 pips from our current closing prices if you go long  on it. Weve got a bullish MACD in there and the RSI is at 46 level approaching 50s-70s. Next resistances will be 1.9837 and 2.0754, while we had a strong support at 1.8151.



As of this pair, I’m still bullish on it on higher timeframe like daily and weekly,
with resistances in 1.0086 and 1.0278. However, we cant discount how this pair
is having lower highs and lower lows lately.

I’ve got a bearish MACD in h4, and as we can see, it already touched Daily channel
s resistance line. If you can see its prices below Friday’s close with significant
bearish set-up, then maybe you can give it a shot.

abanger 03


Disclaimer : This is not a RECO to BUY or SELL.  No Absolute absolutes. Trade at your own RISK. Currency and Equity trading carries high level of risk, please see your financial advisor first before entering the market.



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