AbangerNalysis April4-8

Its been a pretty busy months for me. Thanks for bearing with me, and updating me with some of your trades. I just noticed now that USD is falling next to GBP, so yes we’ll be seeing a lot of GBP-ish, Brexit-ish game play with USDs. I never thought USD would fall as everyone feels null with Fed’s rate hike. Luckily it made the global market quite stable, relatively stable with oil bouncing back to $40s. Gold is still in its long term downtrend channel, any uptrend breakout would compliment our outlook for USD. Darn! just dont miss the game.



We could be seeing a bounce or a breakout with UCHF, as for me, my bias here is a downward breakout heading to three daily support prices at 0.947 , 0.928 and 0.914.



Although we r seeing a bullish MACD in Daily Prices,, GBP continuously fall as uncertainties of brexit still affects how the investor will see UK as it chooses to be independent from European Monetary Union. Big corporations can tolerate this big change , however this will greatly affect the smaller companies – from manufacturing / supplies to it employment status as a whole. Daily Support Prices at 1.837, 1.815 and 1.789.



Same thought. bearish MACD , RSI @ 32 (not yer oversold if you’re RSI is at 20, which others use preferrably). Daily Support prices at 2.009 and 1.94.


abanger 03

Tell us what u think about USDCAD? basically crossed below 200SMA but MACD’s and RSIs have been oversold now. Looking at daily support prices if it break below 1.287  – 1.24, 1.212 and 1.19.

P.S. If you’re a technician in stocks and forex, the master swagger Jared Odulio’s Soul of the Market is a must -see, must watch livestream. You can check his youtube channel for replays – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVdG51_xFxedBbu6hGaVyg


Disclaimer : This is not a RECO to BUY or SELL.  No Absolute absolutes. Trade at your own RISK. Currency and Equity trading carries high level of risk, please see your financial advisor first before entering the market.



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