Weekly Market Outlook Nov. 16-20 ,2015


I am looking for possible bullish run. Prices in W1
are above clouds and 200SMA, with near-bullish MACD Crossover and
RSI at 51 level. Also currently with an ascending triangle in D1, waiting to break a
strong resistance in 187-188 range. Long term TP at 195.


It finally touched its 50% fibo level in w1, with no established lower highs and lower lows
since its reversal in 1.66. Prices are still above the weekly clouds and 200SMA , but MACD is
strongly bearish and RSI is at 48 level.

Lower highs and Lower lows in D1 indicate its continuous bearish run , prices are now below clouds but still above 200SMA.
I’m looking for a possible sell, with a tp close to the 200SMA and 61.8% Fibo level, around 148-149 level.


It is still relatively strong bearish in w1,with prices still below clouds and 200SMA, and RSI at 42level.
However, Im looking for short term trading set-up between 0.48 – 0.46. Target Prices for bullish break above 0.48 are 0.486
and 0.50 . While a break below 0.46 could possibly reach its past lowest low at 0.445.


Disclaimer: No absolute Absolutes. Trade at your own Risk


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