10. No Excuses, Ever!


Excuses by nature is our way of defending our actions. And no matter what our intention is,
if its beneficial to us, then it serves the purpose. But in forex, excuses is tantamount to
prolong agony to onself, and to our existing accounts. I myself got numerous excuses that I
find valid, but something is only valid if it is useful to you. Excuses are only valid if
its still making you profit.

Allow me to speak it in our language but “mabilis lang ang panahon”. The more we cling to
our excuses , the faster time flies. Think of this market, think of how it created an
advantageous haven for us. We dont need to take licensure exams to learn and earn. We
dont get to be affected by the bloodbath in different stocks market. We we’re served
with a relatively lucrative leverage and liquidity, we get the chance to trade the
prices that only the biggest banks used to trade. And the best of the deal, is that
we could be objective no matter how diverse our ways in trading are.

Its a decision we make, its complicated, its tough and it will entail a lot of
opportunity costs. But the price has its prize, we only pay what other are not
willing to so we get to be paid what the market will not going to pay them.
Life can be fair, tiwala lang dre.


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